Speaking of Inspiration…

…Last week my class was visited by Rachel Kossman, a recent Northeastern grad ( I also go to Northeastern) who had taken my class before graduating.  She had worked at a company after leaving NU where she learned coding for internet sites, and, after a year, she quit her job and traveled through South America for three and a half months. She documented the entire thing on her blog.  I am incredibly inspired to do this myself.  I work at a Newbury Street (read:chic) restaurant where I make enough money to put some aside all in the hopes of cheap luxury travel and delicious cheap food.  After some discussion with The Russian, I decided that we shall also do this.  We are not sure where exactly we are going to go, though the top picks are South America as well (even though I have spent a lot of time there, more to come on that), Eastern Europe so I can see where my Russian was born, or maybe even Asia.  More to come on that and input is always welcome, as I am incredibly indecisive.

I encourage all to check out Rachel’s page, and after listening to her, I really believe that living an incredible life really doesn’t require money, but really requires some drive and a dream.

To all those out there in the interwebs, cross those fingles for me!

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