Follow me to the land of ginger

I love ginger. It is such a cool root that can go in so many recipes and has some nice bodily properties, like calming stomachs. I am also engaged to a ginger (more auburn, but this is not the time to split hairs) so it only seems right that tomorrow I will be headed to Ginger Explosion 4, an event at Pa’s Lounge in Somerville. I am so excited! There will be food from some of Boston’s premiere food trucks, like Roxy’s Grilled Cheese and Staff Meal, all centered around ginger. Did I mention I love ginger?

The event is only $13, falling directly into the “cheap” category of outings, but still looks to be legit. If you can, make it to this event; it  looks like a great way to try awesome food and there’s a free cocktail included in the price of admission. If you cannot make it, however, I will be live-tweeing the event! Follow me: @LanaLagomarsini to get the latest updates on the event.



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