Ginger Explosion 4, pt. 2

I just got home from Ginger Explosion 4 at P.A.’s lounge in Somerville. It was incredibly fun, and I’m laying in bed in ginger-induced bliss. So many highs with the food, only a few missteps. For those who do not follow me on Twitter, Here’s a recap:

The Russian was excited too once we got there and received our sporks.
The Russian was excited too once we got there and received our sporks.

We were immediately greeted by a ginger cocktail containing Domaine de Canton, lemons, and soda water.  Totally refreshing and I will be copying that tomorrow night at home.

Obsessed with this slightly sweet, totally refreshing concoction.
Obsessed with this slightly sweet, totally refreshing concoction.

We headed over to the Roxy’s Grilled Cheese stand and picked up some of their delicious ginger milkshakes (none of the photos came out well, however).  They were really tasty, especially when they topped it with crumbled gingerbread cookie. The only comment I would have is that I’ve had Roxy’s before, and they make the bomb grilled cheese.  I wish they had made some sort of ginger infused grilled cheese to show those out tonight who have never heard of the food truck inspired to visit them again.

We then tried the Staff Meal offering, a Chinese ham terrine topped with pickled ginger.  Totally tasty and inventive, and I loved every bite.

Can't go wrong with pork
Can’t go wrong with pork

Then we walked over to my favorite offerings of the night. Mei Mei Street Kitchen, which I was already planning to visit in the coming weeks, had an amazing showing.

and they were the only ones with a sign explaining their dishes
and they were the only ones with a sign explaining their dishes

We tried the beef rillettes first.  Tender beef, pickled ginger on the bottom, topped with powdered ginger scallion oil.  I can promise you, I’ve never had powdered oil and I was freaking out over how awesome it was.  The most interesting texture and flavor. Totally incredible, I could have eaten a plate of them.

pretty and tasty
pretty and tasty

Then there were the macarons. So tasty and rich, I thought I was in Paris again. So gingered but also so smooth. Totally in love.


Here’s a compilation of my first bite of these incredible little desserts.





…I was very happy.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the curry offering from neighborhood joint Dosa–N–Curry.  There was no ginger element and the sauce was spicy but not flavorful.  Also, I think I bit into a piece of bamboo or something and it was unpleasant.

not my favorite

We finished up with some homemade ginger–vanilla marshmallows:marsh

Super sweet but had a spicy ginger element.

Overall, Ginger Explosion 4 was an incredible time and has left me excited to go find some of Boston’s best food trucks and fun food events around the city.


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  1. Glad you enjoyed the marshmallows, I made the vanilla first and I agree, they were definitely a bit sweeter than the chocolate versions. I was feeling the same macaroon joy! Those cookies were incredible!

    1. so right! I have been following your blog and I love it!

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