Cheap Eats: Making Out with My Food

A few weeks ago I took a drive with my best friend in his brand-new car. We were looking for cheap eats (what else?) We decided to stop at our favorite spot for incredible food under $10, Anna’s Taqueria (my favorite location is the one in Brookline right off Coolidge Corner).
Brookline: Anna's Taqueria

The decor inside is nothing special, but it doesn’t matter.  The food is awesome.  On any given day, this place is packed on the lunch hour and into the evening, and its really not hard to imagine why once you have tried the food.

My best friend, who grew up in neighboring Newton, has been coming here and raving about it since high school, so I have been coming to this place for almost as long as I’ve known him.  While everything on the menu is excellent, when I come to Anna’s, I always get one thing: the lengua quesedilla, a mix of cheese, tortilla, salsa, and beautifully cooked beef tongue (hence the cheesy headline).

Hello beautiful
Hello beautiful

Now, I have been called an adventurous eater on more than one occasion, but you have to understand: it’s the wierd stuff that usually tastes the best.  Cooked properly, beef tongue is soft, meaty, and flavorful.  Anna’s knows what they are doing. I get my quesedilla filled with salsa, sour cream and medium salsa.  I don’t want to overpower the meat, I want to taste it.

tastebuds on tastebuds
tastebuds on tastebuds

Upon closer inspection, it is quite apparent that you are eating tongue, but for the squeamish, don’t stare at it, just try it!

The cost of HUGE quesedilla and a mexican coke (that uses real sugar and comes in a cool glass bottle): $7.  Can’t beat that.  Anna’s has a whole bunch of locations, so there’s no excuse not to try this place.


Anna’s Taqueria Coolidge Corner

1412 Beacon Street

Brookline, MA


Photo of  Exterior of Anna’s: via Wallyg via Flickr

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