Lettuce pray for our Salads

Being a foodie, I can appreciate a good salad.  Many times, salad gets a bad rap, and I feel that is because most people don’t like to get inventive with their greens (maybe I’ll have to do a post on my favorite salad…).  Either way, if you have been near a produce section of a grocery store anytime this month, it is clear to see that something is wrong.  Missing bags of salad, no sign of my favorite green, Arugula, anywhere, and when I ask the nearest storeboy he just tells me “that’s the last bag of Spinach.”

Wait, what?

You have nothing else back there?

So…no Arugula?

Guess not
Guess not

I couldn’t figure it out, and it hasn’t gotten any better all winter; In fact, it’s gotten worse.  That Spinach incident I’m referring to happened weeks ago and I haven’t seen a bag of the green stuff since.  Popeye would not approve.

So I went to another grocery store, and there it was.  A sign, simple, but informative:

“We are running out of lettuce due to shortages in growing regions. Sorry for any inconvenience.”


Well, great. No winter salads for me.

I created a story about it on the awesome site Storify.  Check it out, and mourn the produce section at your grocer, at least, until the temperature goes up.


Photo Lettuce via Wikimedia Commons (cc)


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