My favorite sites for food news

Back to inspiration for a moment.  I love to read about food, chefs, and all related news, so I turn to the internet to keep my appetite for food news well satiated (tee hee). Here is a comparison of a few of my favorite sites.  Just a little criticism, mostly praise.

Grub Street Boston is a site owned by New York Magazine, so the website setup is similar. What I love about the site is the amount of news that they produce.  There is always something new to read about food, restaurants, or anything under that umbrella.  There is a great little blurb on the site about the waitress who got fired for outing a bad customer, just the kind of information I love reading about. I like the layout of the page as well, it is clear and easy to read, and the side bars allow for easy exploration of the site. Grub Street is smart about relating to the audience by posting small blurbs instead of long articles, which I think is better for holding the attention of your audience.

In comparison to a website owned by a huge publication like New York Magazine, A Boston Food Diary is a personal blog covering many of the topics covered by Grub Street.  I love how at the end of every post it has a “You might also like” section that allows readers to click on other articles that will continue exposure to the blog.  I also really like how the blog includes a lot of pictures, a necessary thing when talking about food, either restaurants or recipes. The only thing I don’t like is the header of the website.  It takes up the whole page and makes the reader scroll as soon as they go to the page, which I think loses the appeal when you first visit a site.

Overall, I think the best site for up-to-the-minute food and restaurant news is Grub Street. For the homey, more personal touch, I like A Boston Food Diary.  They each have an aspect of the food industry and blogging that I enjoy, and therefore recommend them both! Reading either or both of these sites help the blogging and foodie process that is my life.





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