Recipe: Dressing up Ramen

Being on a budget, especially this month, I like to find fun ways to make even the most simple of college meals a treat.  Take the unappreciated ramen.  Most seem to think that it is just “college kid food” but by adding a few things just lying around my house, I can make it into a delicious Chinese-inspired dish, for under $5.

This costs about $1 in the supermarket, but looks like a meal you would pay $10 for
This costs about $1 in the supermarket, but looks like a meal that would cost $10

I used some steak I had leftover from dinner the night before, marinated it in some soy sauce and hoisin, and grilled it, letting it rest. Any protein can be added to the soup to make it more filling, like chicken, fish, or even scrambled eggs.

For the broth, I boiled the water with some chopped garlic, soy sauce, curry powder, and a touch of hoisin.  I added some chopped carrots and leftover slices of red onion for color and texture.

When the noodles were done, I topped them with the steak and added some celery leaves to make it look pretty and to add a peppery bite.

This blog is all about making declious food for cheap, and ramen is the ultimate in cheap food.  Making ramen doesn’t have to be boring, however.  Just by adding a few spices and leftover meats and veggies to the soup creates a more inviting meal that can really be enjoyed rather than just eaten for fuel. There is no wrong way to make this soup, just add whatever is lying around your house; a great way to use leftovers and make a wonderful lunchtime (or dinnertime!) meal.

Try it at home!


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