Trying some sweets at Kickass Cupcakes

I have been slowly but surely doing a series on food trucks in Boston, certainly to pick up more when the weather finally picks up (although I am starting to smell spring in the air, finally!). A few weeks ago I swing by the Kickass Cupcakes truck when it was parked outside the BPL and chatted with Xavier (cupcake ambassador) and some people that had the misfortune to stop by when me and The Russian were filming. The good thing is I ran into Steve Leibowitz, a fellow blogger who runs Hub Food Trucks. Small world!

Not sure if I love myself on video, but enjoy the plentiful shots of the cupcakes! They are only $3 (except the bubbly, which is $4) so you can stock up on a few without breaking the bank.

This video was incredibly fun to shoot and edit, so expect some more videos in the future!

I would also like to add that although the shot didn’t make it into the video, for those who were wondering: the truck does have milk available for purchase to wash down these sweet bites.


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