Frugal Foodie in Jamaica!

Reggae beach
Very soon I will be that person on the beach. With a cool hat.
On Monday morning me and The Russian are off to Jamaica! I am very excited to get out of the cold and into the sun for a week, and of course I got a great deal on the trip! I went to (my new favorite website for vacations) and got a package that included an all-inclusive hotel, airfare, and airport transfers (not to mention a spa credit…). I even bought a new hat for the occasion.


I highly recommend the site for anyone looking to get away for a few days! thay have some incredible deals on all inclusive hotels all throughout the Caribbean.

ANYWAYS, the next few posts will be all about Jamaica! The food, the hotel, the water, the beach… stay tuned!



Photo (beach)courtesy Wikimedia Commons, Chad Richardson (cc)

(hat) courtesy QVC

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