Cheap Eats: Boston Burger Company

Exterior of Bolyston street location
Exterior of Bolyston street location

This weekend The Russian’s best friend came in from New York City, so we went out for the ultimate in guy food: Burgers.  Now, I love burgers. I love making them and going out to eat them, and I wanted to try something new, so we went to Boston Burger Company on Bolyston street.

The first thing you notice is the huge list of burgers. It’s overwhelming. It’s also good to notice that most of the burgers are under $10 and include sides of homemade chips and coleslaw or baked beans– a good amount of food for the money.

I couldn't even get all of it in the photo
I could hardly get all of it in the photo

Oh man, what to choose? I ended up going for the ranch burger, because I love ranch dressing. Love it.  It was topped with american cheese and bacon and it was wonderful.


Mine was perfectly cooked, nice and pink on the inside.


Others were not as lucky, however. The Russian got a make–your–own burger topped with cheese, bacon and a fried egg.  The burger was good, but overcooked.

Looks good
Looks good
this is over med rare, more like med well. whoops.
this is over med rare, more like med well. whoops.

My friend who came along with the three of us got the Artery Clogger. A deep fried burger topped with BBQ sauce, bacon, and American cheese. He loved it, ate it in all about one bite.  Afterwards, all he could say was “My arteries are clogged.” He really enjoyed it.


The Russian’s best friend was starving, so he got a buffalo salad and some wings with the golden bbq and teridactyl sauces.



“The salad was good, but I didn’t enjoy the flavor of the sauce on the wings,” he said. “The teridactyl wasn’t for me, but the golden bbq sauce was better.”

Personally, I liked both of the sauces.  They were both sweet and flavorful. The chicken on the buffalo salad was tasty, but the lettuce for me was a little lacking.  I prefer mixed greens to iceberg lettuce.

The service was very good, and as a waitress I appreciated that. I also enjoyed the beers they had on draft, nice selection. Overall, I enjoyed my evening at Boston Burger company, but I still enjoy Tasty Burger more. I love the creativity of the burgers, I just think they stumbled a little on the technique. The price was certainly right, as well. A great meal for less than $20 a person, even with The Russian’s best friend ordering a bunch of food.  A worthy contender for one of the tastiest burger spots in the Back Bay.

Boston Burger Company

1100 Boylston St,
Boston, MA 02215
(857) 233-4560

Handicap Accessible

Closest T stop: Hynes Convention Center


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    um. where can I find that red sushi shirt?! also, I love you.

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