Restaurant Week Bliss: Toro

So The Russian and I finally went to Toro this week. I have been obsessing over taking The Russian to Toro since he moved to Boston in August. While it is a bit out of my price range, Restaurant week is still cheap eating because patrons get to try the best of Boston food for a fraction of the price. So I’m still keeping with my theme. And did I mention I met a celebrity chef?

So it was the best day ever
So it was the best day ever

That’s Tiffani Faison, of Top Chef and Sweet Cheeks Q fame.  She makes the best BBQ pork belly I have ever had, so obviously she is one of the most talented chefs in Boston and my first celebrity chef sighting in the city as well.  But, I digress. The FOOD, oh man, the food.

the options were limitless. and everything sounded wonderful.
the options were limitless. and everything sounded wonderful.

After much deliberation,

We drank half a pitcher of sangria trying to decide
We drank half a pitcher of sangria trying to decide

We decided on some delicious eats.  To begin (the pinchos, or very small plates), I had the sweetbreads with blood orange, fermented black beans, and peanuts.  It had an interesting citrus anise flavor, which I normally don’t like, but it worked perfectly with the fatty sweetbreads.The peanuts added a nice crunch.

So So Tasty
So So Tasty

The Russian had Rabbit pate wrapped in serrano ham.  It was perfect with the mustard they served on the side.toro3

Then came the tapas, beginning with the most delicious ham I’ve had since Spain.  It brought me back to the streets of Barcelona.


We had the marinated oysters for another cold tapa.  For the additional $2, they were perfect.  Creamy and topped with lemony–tasting foam.


Then we had smoked beef tongue with lentils.  So tender.


We were already full by this point, but the food kept coming! The duck drummettes were topped with quince glaze, a sweet, thick sauce that was so incredibly rich, one was enough.


Finally the corn.  You can’t go to Toro and not get the corn, everybody loves it.   So tasty, you cannot forget to squeeze the lime over the top.  It adds that perfect last hit of acid to the rich sauce.


We finished with some manchego cheese and mebrillo (quince paste) and a churro.  My only complaint is that I wish there was more churros.


The Russian and I will be back very, very soon to try the Paella.


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