Game of Thrones Recipe: Beef and Bacon Pie

So Sorry to be running late on this post, I had to work unexpectedly and it threw my schedule off a bit.  No worries though, back to the important stuff: Game of Thrones.

and my obsession with Tyrion Lannister continues
and my obsession with Tyrion Lannister continues

This show (aka my obsession0 is so good, its already been renewed for another season.  All of my friends love it too, so I had a whole mess of them over on Sunday night to watch the premiere/eat good food/ feel like vikings.

I decided to make a crowd–pleaser, something I thought would be easy enough to pull together quickly and cheaply: A Beef and Bacon Pie.

one of the two pies
one of the two pies

The great thing about this cookbook The Russian got me is that it was written by two bloggers, who still maintain the site Inn at The Crossroads.

This is the site to look at if you’re interested in replicating some recipes.  I still recommend the book, however.  The pictures are awesome and it is divided by region, from The Wall to Winterfell to Dorne, with cuisines to match each region.  The recipes are inspired by passages from the books, which are quoted throughout the book.  It’s a lovely thing to own.

love you
love you

I also made some mulled wine to wash it down, not pictured ( I made red and I linked to a similar recipe using white wine. It looks really good, so try it!).


Premade Pie dough [$2.50]

Beef Stew meat [$4]

Raisins [$4]

Beef Stock [$3]

Bacon [$5]

red wine vinegar [$2]

1 egg (this I already had)


Preheat oven to 375.

Cook the bacon in a pot until crispy, then add the beef, vinegar, raisins, salt and pepper.  Add broth until the beef is covered and add about two tablespoons AP flour to thicken, and let boil for a while, about 10 minutes, or until a gravy has formed.

just like this.
just like this.

Roll out the pie dough into a 9–inch tin.  Add the beef mixture and top with the remaining pie dough (2 come in a package). Brush with an egg and put in the oven for about 40 minutes or until the crust is flaky.

like this
like this

A hearty meal like this, taken from the Winterfell part of the cookbook, was a huge crowd–pleaser and paired well with the AWESOME season premiere on Sunday night. I served it with some greens and we all washed it down with wine, in true Westerosi fashion.  Try it for next week’s episode!


Photo of Tyrion via

6 Comments Add yours

  1. roodonfood says:

    Looks delicious. Cheers from another GoT fan.

    1. Thanks! Try it yourself before winter comes

  2. My friends would all be drooling well before your even started making the pies. They’re huge lovers of meat, especially steak and bacon! Combine those two into the same dish and, well… You wouldn’t even get a bite of anything yourself. ;]

    1. Thats why I made two pies 🙂 thanks for the love!

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