In Memoriam

I usually write about lighthearted things on my blog, but life is not all about lighthearted things. I have been friends with the same girl for 19 years now, and she is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter living in New York City (our shared hometown). Her name is Tora Fisher, and  she even introduced me to The Russian and will be my maid of honor at my wedding next year .

She also owns a great dane who is...huge
She also owns a great dane who is…huge

Today marks the 10 year anniversary where she was in a horrific plane accident that killed everyone on board…except for her.  She has an incredible spirit.  The crash unfortunately killed her father and stepmother in addition to family friends.  Her father (Anthony Fisher) was like a second father to me and today, of all days, he is in my heart.  I will never forget how warm and loving he was towards me and counted me as one of his daughters (I was over at his house all the time, whether he liked it or not).

Tora has written a beautiful piece for him on her Tumblr, and I encourage all to check it out.  Tony’s love and memory will live on through her and all who loved him, and this is proof.


photo Tora via facebook

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