Cheap Eats: Taco Tuesday at La Verdad

My kinda Tuesday night
My kinda Tuesday night

I’ve been going to La Verdad for a while. It’s kinda sad I haven’t written about this before.  I guess on some subconscious level I don’t want the world knowing, for fear La Verdad will turn into Ken Oringer’s other impossibly–hard–to–get–a–seat incredible hotspot Toro.  I can’t have that. I need these tacos.

Need Them
Need Them

So La Verdad does Taco Tuesdays every Tuesday night.  Tacos for $1. Yup, $1. You can get up to five, and you have a choice between the Tinga, stewed chicken with lettuce, radish, and sour cream, or Carnitas, shredded pork topped with red onion, cilantro, and salsa verde (above).  The Russian and I usually start off with some chips and salsa, which are also $5, to go with our beers.  The salsas, a red, a green, and a pico de gallo, are all addicting.I had to stop myself from eating them.

Salsa heaven
Salsa heaven

Then comes the tacos.  You would think five isn’t enough, but these are generously filled and I can never eat all five.  Luckily The Russian is there to pick up the slack.

He lives a hard life eating these tinga tacos.
He lives a hard life eating these tinga tacos.

The best part is, this is a stone’s throw from my house and right across the street from Fenway Park.  They don’t do Taco Tuesdays when there is a home game, but when Taco Tuesday rolls around, its an awesome way to spruce up the middle of the week.


La Verdad

1 Landsdowne Street




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