The Best Buenos Aires Restaurants For Cheap Bastards

Sharing an awesome post by Pick Up The Fork, a blog I used to read all the time when I was living in Buenos Aires. She is a woman after my own heart, and I love love love this post she did on cheap eats around the city of BA, which prices seem to climb every day. Check it out! A great resource for those who like to travel.

Pick Up The Fork


Sometimes I get attacked by a dark hole of self-induced extranjero depression, where just whipping out an old BA guidebook, glancing at an outdated travel article, or deciphering a price crossed out pizzería menu gives me the uncontrollable urge to play the Inflations-A-Bitch pity party game. With restaurant costs catapulting skyward, inflation at a ridiculous high, it’s difficult not to partake in the beloved porteño pastime of price complaining.

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