Cheap Eats: Bon Me

The other day it was gorgeous outside (much like it has been all weekend) and I was walking around Boston, starving, which is a feeling I hate more than crying. Then I saw the Bon Me food truck and all was well with the world.

Look at those options– and those prices!
Look at those options– and those prices!

I decided to get a noodle salad with chinese bbq pork.  Good choice, Lana.

I don't usually steer myself wrong
I don’t usually steer myself wrong

The meat was super tender and tasty, while the rice noodles I chose were soft yet filling.  I loved the mixed greens, cilantro, and red onion that was served with the salad.  Really brought the whole thing together and gave a nice crunch.  The dressing was a little hard to taste, but I think that is because the pork had so much flavor it just took over the dish, which isn’t a bad thing.


I sat in the park and had a lovely day just enjoying this salad and the weather.  It was some much needed relaxation, and I had been meaning to find this truck for the summertime.  Thank goodness it found me.

Bon Me has a variety of options, including sandwiches and rice bowls, and a variety of meats, so I will be walking the streets of Boston looking out for them again! In the meantime, those whose mouths are watering can check out their actual brick and mortar in Kendall Square. 





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