Cheap Eats: Cheeseboy


I, like many other people, love grilled cheeses.  They remind me of childhood.  Which is why Cheeseboy is such a great concept in cheap, delicious food.  Have I mentioned I like cheap delicious food?

How could you not like this combo? Seriously
It’s kinda my thing

I’m really glad one of these places opened up in the Pru, which is closer to my house than the other location in South Station.  I tend to be pretty lazy.  Anyways, I digress.

Lets talk about the food: I decided on the bacon pesto sandwich with spinach and Swiss cheese inside (I’ve always been a sucker for the Swiss).  It was melty and delicious, and that bacon was perfect.  The crust was perfectly crunchy and buttery, a major thing for grilled cheese fanatics such as myself.

Look at that cheese.  Don't mind my unmanicured hands.
Look at that cheese. Don’t mind my un–manicured hands.

I love that tomato soup is always an option as well, but I was not as in love with the soup. ‘ Twas a little on the watery side, but the sandwich made up for it and the flavor of the soup was still nice.

The meal also came with a drink and chips and I spent about $8.  You can’t beat that.  Although being inside the Pru makes it more likely to spend all the money I saved on food on clothing and tea from Teavana, but I won’t hold it against them. The stand is also right next to the exit for outside, just begging for customers to eat their grilled cheeses Al fresco.  Pretty fancy for $8.


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