Recipe: Sangria Floats


Finally, it’s summer, and its so hot outside that you get that sticky feeling all over your body. Not going to lie, I love the heat. The Russian and I will be hitting the beach very soon (and for the rest of the summer).  Before the heat wave hit, however, I found this awesome recipe on Food Network for a drink that will definitely cool you down in this constricting heat: Sangria sorbet floats.

Yes. So good and SO SO easy to make (my friend and I have of course, already tried to make them a few times), they are the most refreshing thing to happen to sangria in a while, and it doesn’t require any fruit cutting (perfect for lazy types such as myself).


flavored sorbets [from $3 to $5 each]

I chose lemon, raspberry, and mango, but the sky is the limit here. Orange, cherry, peach, lime, whatever sorbet flavor is your fave can be used. I recommend three different flavors so the sangria isn’t one–note. It’s a personal choice though, so do whatever makes you (and your wallet) happy.

Lambruso [$8 for a bottle]

This wine is one of my favorites.  It’s normally served chilled, and already a little sweet.  It has bubbles as well, making the drink lighter.


Place one scoop of each sorbet into a glass and top with wine. Drink. Repeat.

My friend even made a fun video with the floats:

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