I barely made it back but I still have a recipe

I made it back from Camp Bisco, guys.  Just barely.  It was a great weekend, full of friends, music, and pretty decent weather. And dancing.  Lots of dancing.  When I first got back from Bisco I slept 24 hours, and I still have yet to get out of bed.

Maybe I just dance too hard, just like the rest of my friends
Maybe I just dance too hard, just like the rest of my friends

The funny thing is, I’m sure I didn’t have as an intense of a time as other people, though.  Guess The Russian and I are just getting old.

Either way, there were plenty of food vendors at Bisco as well, but one in perticular that stood out was the strawberry lemonade stand.  We drank at least two big cups of these a day, which kept us refreshed and hydrated.

YUM. Perfect for festivals
YUM. Perfect for festivals

Since the vendors made these by hand and fresh for each order, I was able to snag the recipe so those who didn’t attend the magic playland that is bisco can still enjoy the delicious drink of the festival. This would be awesome with some Bicardi Limon or citrus vodka added as well, to make the lemonade a little more grown–up.

Strawberry Lemonade


granulated sugar [$3]

strawberries in syrup [about $4 for a container]

2 lemons [$1]


Add ice to a glass.  add about2 teaspoons of sugar per cup of lemonade, or more to taste.  Add Strawberries in syrup, then juice a lemon into the glass, adding the juiced halves to the glass as well for more lemony flavor.  Top with water and shake for a summertime treat.

The great thing about this recipe is that it can be made large or small, and it can be made into a party drink simply by adding citrus flavored liquor or topping with prosecco. Just whip some up, lay in the grass, and enjoy some great summer music.


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