Take a bite out of Shark Week


So Shark Week is this week, and I’m excited. Shark Week is a fun time, especially if you like sharks, like a very good friend of mine.  Her name is Heather, and she loves sharks. LOVES SHARKS. She loves them. She has a shark tattooed on her arm.  She talks about sharks daily. While I am not as obsessed with an animal that could easily tear me to shreds, I love her enthusiasm and can understand how badass sharks can be. I love to watch Shark Week.  It’s a pretty big event.

So Heather came up to me a few weeks ago and asked me to come up with some posts for Shark Week. Challenge accepted.

This week I will be posting recipes for different shark–themed food items.  I’ve had a lot of fun coming up with some fun dishes, and cannot wait to share them! At least these recipes won’t make you fear the open sea.


Shark photo(cc) The Times

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