Restaurant Week Bliss: Rialto

So its restaurant week.  I’m super excited about it, and to start off my two weeks of paradise in Boston, I decided to start off with a long–overdue spot: Rialto. Not only is it considered one of the best in Boston, a friend of mine, Jacki from Just Add Cheese, works there and has told me how excellent the culinary experience compares. I even met Jody Adams, the chef and owner, at Boston Bites Back and tried a sample from the restaurant.  I’ve known how amazing it is for months, I’ve just been waiting for the perfect moment to strike ( I sound like a falcon). I finally went, and it was everything that I’ve expected, the night was perfect.

Firstly, the spot is beautiful, with floor–to–ceiling windows and a partially open kitchen, which I believed Jacki referred to as the “open antipasto bar” but I cannot be sure (The Russian and I split a bottle of wine).

So, about the food.  It was so lovely, filling and beautiful yet light.  Also shout out to how awesome the bread was, served with olive oil and some incredible sea salt, Fleur de sel  or something of that quality if I’m not mistaken.

I started with the seafood and potato salad, which had mussels, calamari and fish with red peppers and capers. I liked that it was served cold, and the seafood was perfectly cooked and chilled.


The Russian had the prosciutto with the melon and mint.  Simple, light, and the cured meat was incredible, salty and perfect with the melon.


We then moved onto the homemade pork sausage with wilted greens and olives, white beans, and grapes.  The beans on the bottom were so delicious and the pork sausage was incredible, it was roughly ground so you could taste all the different elements of pork that were inside the casing.


The Russian had the flank steak with beets and figs.  It was so comforting and reminded me of a warm winter meal, yet wasn’t heavy in the same way meals are when it’s cold outside.  The figs were killer, and the steak was cooked perfectly.


The Russian ended his meal with the chocolate chip tortoni, which is kind of like an ice cream, but way way lighter. It was served with poached peaches.  The Russian was in love, I’m lucky I got a bite to try.  It was really quite good. I’ve never eaten anything so light.

rialto6As much as I liked his dessert, however, I was in love with my own.  I had the Lemon-Blueberry Millefoglie, which is kind of like crispier lighter puff pastry that had hints of cinnamon, paired with a lemon mousse and blueberry sauce and some of the best marscapone I’ve ever had.  It was served with fresh peaches and nectarine ice cream.  It was all I could do to be ladylike while eating it.

rialto5So, while I understand restaurant week goes above my usual standard of $20 by almost double, I still think I’m getting a great deal on a wonderful meal that would normally cost me more than $38 bucks per person.  In that regard, it’s still a good deal. Besides, this was worth every penny.


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