Restaurant Week Bliss: No. 9 Park

Restaurant week is almost over (sad), but I have a few more stories to share (fun). Last week, The Russian and I headed over to the very fancy No. 9 Park, which is owned by Barbara Lynch, another great Boston chef, and the mentor of last season’s Top Chef winner.

Boston is full of talented people

We walk inside, and I instantly feel fancier.


Feeling fancy, I decided to opt for the wine pairing with my meal, because I felt in cases like this, it’s best to leave it to experts. I was right.

I started my meal with the Foie Gras with eggplant, raisins, and pine nuts.  While I normally hate eggplant, I wanted the Foie more.  The dish was super tasty, and I loved the vinaigrette of raisins and pine nuts over the top. My waiter paired this dish with some Spanish sherry, which I never thought to drink before.  It was divine.

and it looked incredible on the plate
and it looked incredible on the plate

The Russian had cured salmon with beets and squash vaudovan, which is like curry spice in pureed squash and had an almost horseradish bite, which was nice with the delicate salmon.


I moved on to the roman gnocchi, which were like little polenta cakes, with duck, pesto, and a poached egg. The dish was paired with a medium bodied red that played off the duck and pesto and worked perfectly with the Parmesan cheese.

an egg makes everything better
an egg makes everything better

When I broke open the yolk it flowed over everything and made it so incredible.  The duck was perfect, and the little cakes were so fluffy, yet so filling.  I had to be rolled home.

The Russian had pork belly, naturally, with a thick pepper soup on the bottom and marinated watermelons that were cut into the tiniest (therefore cutest) cubes.  The pork belly was like cutting into warm butter with your fork.


Finally, when I thought I could eat no more, there was dessert.  The waiter brought a slightly bubbly, fruit wine.  It was soft and sweet, and it was all I could do not to take a huge gulp in the middle of the fancy restaurant.

For actual dessert, I had a raspberry cake, which tasted almost like a coffee cake, topped with ice cream.  So tasty, but by that time I was having serious trouble fitting more food. I managed.


The Russian had a flourless chocolate cake with a salted caramel and coffee foam.  It was decadent and so beautiful on the plate.


Everything was so wonderful, we both want to go back as soon as possible, even though it normally a bit out of our price range.  It’s so worth it.


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