Restaurant Week Happiness: Upstairs on the Square

To finish up my obsession with Restaurant Week The Russian and I went to Upstairs on the Square, which I was really excited about.  I have to say, there were some hits, and a couple of misses (notice how I didn’t title my post Restaurant Week “Bliss”).

First off, the restaurant looks really cool. I loved the decor.  Totally kitschy and fun and not taking itself too seriously.  I like that.

look how fun
look how fun

I started my meal off with the mussels.  With fresh rosemary and meyer lemons in the broth.  the mussels were plump and tasty and the broth was awesome.


The Russian had the farmhouse salad, which was an additional charge.  I was a little disappointed with how little bacon there was and I didn’t taste any truffle in the egg as the menu described.  I didn’t think it was worth the up–charge, but the salad itself was tasty and had plenty of bleu cheese, which I love.

see? hardly any bacon

I moved on to the short rib, which was tender and flavorful, although missing a little salt and pepper.  The Russian agreed.  I love love loved the polenta as well, it was rich and had a strong corn flavor and I was in love.

so in love.


The Russian had the lobster ravioli a la vodka, which was very tasty as well, but he mentioned that he wanted more of the dish,  which was a bit small.


For dessert I had wanted to get the fig galette that I had read online, but it wasn’t actually on the menu when I got to the restaurant. Sad day.  Instead I got the grape gelato, which was tasty, but it was also covered in peanut butter, which I don’t love ( I know, that makes me wierd).  For those who love PB and J’s, however, this dessert is for you.  The Russian got the Nutella budino, which was basically like a s’more in a cup.  Awesome.

Sorry the photo is blurry, I had had about a bottle of wine at this point.

I liked this place, the food was good.  Was it my favorite? Not really.  Would I try it again? Sure.  I think that Upstairs on the Square has an interesting menu and a lot of options, so I would love to see what else can come out of that kitchen.



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