Cheap Eats: Barcelona Wine Bar

The Russian and I have recently made the move out to Brighton, and while its farther out than our old place in Fenway, it certainly has given me a whole new group of restaurants and areas to check out, which is awesome. It’s good to know the city in which you live. So after I unpacked and set up me new kitchen (duh) I made the walk over with The Russian to check out Barcelona Wine Bar, which was high up on my list of places to try.  I have been to the one in Fairfield, CT and couldn’t wait to try more rustic Spanish tapas.

Since this place does tapas, of course the prices are low.  I love that.  I also love how their pitchers of sangria are only about $23. Totally fruity and delicious, and the pitcher was not small either.

It was a good time.
It was a good time.

We started off with a plate of Spanish meats and cheeses.  The restaurant has a wide selection, and you can choose 3 for $17.  That alone with a pitcher of sangria makes for a perfect after–work bite. We decided on smoked duck breast, serrano ham (naturally), and a Romao Manchengo cheese with a rosemary crust.  So good.

this plate alone won me over.
this plate alone won me over.

We also had a plate of olives, because I love olives and because the whole plate was $3.

even had a cup for the pits.  Way to think it through, guys
even had a cup for the pits. Way to think it through, guys

We then had the radish and feta salad, $5.  The radishes were so crispy and even though Feta is a Greek cheese, it was a perfect compliment to the rest of the meal, which was very rich.

so fresh
so fresh

How rich, you ask? Well we had the steak in a truffle sauce.  To die for. $10

this picture cannot begin to do it justice
this picture cannot begin to do it justice

We also had the squid and fingerling potatoes in squid ink (about $10), which is hard to find here in the states.  Not many places using squid ink, but many should. It’s awesome, but it does stain.

doesn't matter, it's worth the lost clothing.
doesn’t matter, it’s worth the lost clothing.

Overall, I spent a little more than my usual $20 per person, but it was worth it.  Our table was covered in food.

doesn't get better than this.
doesn’t get better than this.

The best part is, you can come here and spend little to get a taste of Spain.  The food is wonderfully prepared and inventive, and I will definitely be coming back to try the paella.



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