Cheap Eats: Petit Robert Bistro

Sometimes, when my schedule isn’t packed and I’m not home asleep, I like to head downtown to visit The Russian at work.  Last week, he urged me to come downtown to visit him because he had a place to eat that he thought I would enjoy.  He was right.

so right.
so right.

We went to Petit Robert Central, a French–style bistro downtown.  Lunch was simple, affordable, and delicious.  I had a beer and the Cobb salad, witch chunks of bleu cheese and bacon and ham and frisee, which all complimented one another very nicely. It was also $12, definitely making it without reach of my wallet.

and it was pretty.

The Russian had the smoked salmon BLT, which was served on soft thick–cut bread with crispy bacon, and the salmon was perfectly light and flavorful. $14.


This was the sandwich The Russian has been thinking about for a while, and the reason he brought me there for lunch.  It’s that good.

I was checking up on the menus online, and it looks like there are a lot of options for the dinner crowd to have an amazing experience here as well.  With escargot on the menu, I’m already reminded of my time in Paris last year and I fall in love a little.  I will be back for more, but in the meantime, try this spot out for a quick lunch bite.


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