Cheap Eats: Bon Me (Again!)


So I’ve written about my love of Bon Me before, but (gasp!) I had never tried their sandwich, the classic Banh Mi. I saw the sandwich in a recent issue of Food Network Magazine, and my mouth started to water and I started to look for a good time and location to find one of the Bon Me trucks. Today I’ve tried it, and it was glorious.

Firstly, the truck was busy.  It was lunch hour, so I’m not surprised.  It’s just always a good sign to see people flocking around a truck.  Means the truck is on to something.

These guys know what's up
These guys know what’s up

The sandwich had homemade pate, Chinese BBQ pork, pickled dikon and carrots, and cilantro, for about $7. Totally affordable. The bread was perfectly soft and crunchy when you bit it, and the filings really worked well together.  I had the tang of the pickles and the rich meat with the pate, all with the freshness of the cilantro.  So perfect and delicious.  With a little Sriracha on top, I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish the sandwich, but minutes later, it was gone.

and I was happy.
and I was happy.

It made me remember how much I love food trucks, and how I should try and find some more, even though the best season for eating outside is slowly coming to a close.  Either way, track down this truck to head to their brick–and–mortar location, and get your hands on some of the best sandwiches in town.



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