A Great Birthday

So it was my birthday last Saturday, and I don’t really like making a big deal over my special day.  Luckily for me, The Russian is an awesome guy and hooked it up.  Knowing my love for local chef Ken Oringer, he took me to Clio, Oringer’s flagship and an institution in Boston restaurants (the place has won so many awards it’s almost not real).

While I don’t want to spare all the details of dinner, I will mention a few incredible dishes that have been on my mind:

The oysters with horseradish, caviar, and what i believed was some kind of foamed creme fraiche.  They were incredibly creamy and the caviar was another salty compontent to the dish that helped balance the creme.

Also the escargot was devine, with crispy duck tongues and pickled ramps, in a broth that was do addicting, The Russian and I both cleaned the plate sopping up the extra juices with our bread (not very fancy behavior for such a fancy place, but I didn’t care).

These two dishes alone would have made my night, but of course we had entrees as well.

I had an incredible short rib dish with broccoli rabe and The Russian had a pork dish with some of the crispiest pork shoulder I’ve had.  It was like a pork cookie, and I could have had a box of them.

All in all, it was a memorable evening.


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