My New Life as a Chef

A few weeks ago I started my new second job at The Regal Beagle, and I finally feel like I am getting into the groove of things, and I want to chat about it a bit.  I work the Garde Manger station, which is cold appetizers, salads, and desserts. My days at work usually consist of setting up my station, which looks like this:


With all my salad preps ready. I also am in charge of the fry machine.


I also get ready for any specials there might be, and then work whatever rush there is.  Then I clean and get ready to go home.  When typing it out, it seems so simple, but my days are work are complicated and I am trying my best to remember everything there is to do for my station.  The work is fun, though, and I really think the time melts away as long as I don’t get too nervous and start forgetting stuff. Luckily, the other chefs on the line and super nice, super helpful, and like to listen to 80’s rock ballads while they cook. My type of people.

So about the food: I took some pictures of some of the dishes I am responsible for, just so you have an idea of what’s going on over at Regal.

I fry the blue cheese bacon–wrapped dates and prepare the whipped red pepper feta plate with pita chips.


I dice and prepare the beet tartar salad:


and I do special appetizers, like this smoked salmon rillette , which is kinda like a meat spread:


So far I haven’t cut any fingers off, but I have burned myself already.  Looking at my coworkers arms, it’s probably the first of many. It’s cool, I can cover up any burns with cool chef arm tats (gotta look the part).

Look ay Hugh Acheson. He knows what’s up.

More to come on my adventures in the kitchen.


Photo via Huffington Post

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