Cheap Eats: Hummus Sandwich @ Cafenation

IMG_2448I love a good sandwich, guys.  Who doesn’t? Honestly, how could you not? Delicious fillings between bread with the perfect spread (look at me rhyme) is always a good idea for lunch, and I’ve found another one worth talking about.

On days I go to yoga I like to come home and eat something healthy, otherwise I’ll feel like it was all for nothing  (why do yoga if I’m just gonna shove down a meatball sub after?).  I like to have a yummy veggie sandwich (easier said than done, folks), and my favorite right now is the Hummus Avocado sandwich at Cafenation, a great coffee shop near my home in Brighton. They have a whole mess of sandwiches, and a green tea latte that is literally in my dreams if I don’t have it often enough, but I just love their vegetarian one. Juicy tomatoes, lettuce, onion, cucumber, avocado and hummus spreads, and cilantro all come together on foccacia (my favorite option,but there are others like wheat and ciabatta) bread into a creamy and crunchy lunch.


I haven’t even mentioned one of my favorite parts: The sandwich comes with a side salad and some of their homemade dressing.  This stuff is incredible.  What do they put in it? I know there’s honey and balsamic but I have not been able to replicate it.  I’m hopelessly in love with this dressing.

Hello, lover

This sandwich is only $9, meaning this kind of love won’t break the bank.  Why not try it and feel (somewhat) healthy once in a while? It’s the kind of healthy that is also filling and also delicious, so there really is no downside here.


380 Washington Street



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