Trying Something New

I don’t usually go out. I’m not anti–social or anything, I just like hanging out at home and eating and drinking with a few friends. You’d be hard pressed, however, to find me out at a bar on a typical Friday (or any day). I’m just that lazy.  When I checked my Twitter last week, though, I was invited to an event to try the new Mocha Chocolate Stout by Peak Organic, a New England brewery with a dedication to using fresh ingredients and bringing the hop–growing business over to the East Coast. How could I refuse when they used this video?

Their new beer uses chocolate from Taza, which I mostly knew as those chocolates they have at the register at Starbucks, so you know they’re fancy.  Turns out, they’re located in Somerville, and if this beer is any indicator, and you like chocolate, I’d try it. I really like small–batch brews, but I don’t normally like chocolate stouts.  This is one of the best, if not the best, I’ve tried so far.  It wasn’t bitter, but smooth, and actually tasted like chocolate.  Very seasonal.


I also tried the Hop Blanc, which was a more wheat–y beer with a slightly hoppy flavor.  I met one of the gals from Peak, and she put some fresh hops in my beer to open up the flavor.

Pictured here
Pictured here (both the rep and the hops and myself)

I wish that happened more often. It was lovely. The beer was floral and sweet and easy to drink.

It even looked fancier.
It even looked fancier.

I guess I should go out and get a beer more often.



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