Recipe: Holiday Gingerbread Balls


So it’s the holidays, and I’ve finally finished driving home to New York, spending time with the family, and wrapping the presents. I brought these treats to a holiday party recently and they were a hit. I’d recommend making the balls smaller, though, as they’re super decedent and sweet.

They’re awesome though, they taste like Christmas. They also take about 4 seconds to make, making them a perfect holiday treat on the table in minutes.

1 jar Biscoff spread [$6]
Note: this is speculoos spread, which is like graham cracker paste. Since I’m not always huge on chocolate, this is an awesome alternative. It also tastes like angels, so everyone should try it. Seriously, nectar of the gods.

1 stick installed butter, melted [$3]
1 small box ginger snaps, about 25 [$3]
Confectioners sugar [$2]
1 small bag candied ginger [$3]

Super simple here: take a 1/2 cup chopped ginger, 1 cup each sugar and Biscoff spread, and the ginger snaps and the butter in a food processor and mix until smooth. This took me a while, but my food processor is old. Roll into balls and roll in the sugar.

Dust with more powdered sugar and let chill in the fridge for an hour or so.

Happy holidays!

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