Recipe: Country Omlette

A month into moving home, I’m finally getting the hang of things. Life in the mountains is pretty relaxed, and after months (years, actually) of working my butt off, it’s nice to just hang out and take in the mountain air.
It’s not all fun and games, though. I did happen to get a job, so there are days that I am back to the grind. Culinary schools starts soon and then I will be back to my usual busy life. Before that, however, there is time to smell the roses.
I’ve been working on making my breakfasts memorable. I love breakfast foods, and with a pantry stocked for a family, there’s always ways to get creative with the first meal of the day. Here’s my latest creation:


2 eggs [$1.50 for the pack]
1 tomato [$1]
1 bag bacon bits (feel free to use real bacon too, or whatever you have on hand!) [$2.50]
1 package American cheese [$3]

Beat eggs with a touch or water to make them fluffy, then butter a pan and let heat. Add the eggs and let sit until almost set.
Slice the tomato and add to the middle of the eggs with American cheese and bacon. Fold Omlette over and let finish cooking. Serve with toast, oj, and whatever else makes your morning (for me, it’s black tea with a little honey and a splash of milk).


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