My New Favorite Birthday Drink

This past weekend was a good one. Not only was it my 25th birthday and I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with friends and family, but I also fell in love. With a drink, that is. I feel like this relationship will definitely work out well for me.
This drink recipe was concieved by my good friend Peter, who is a bartender at Cafeteria Boston (my old stomping grounds), and also an accomplished photographer. It uses bison grass vodka with simple fall flavors with a punch if basil for brightness. Just be careful! One drink packs a punch.

1.5 oz Zubrovka Vodka
.5 oz maple syrup
.5 oz line juice
1 oz lemonade
Fresh sliced fig and slightly bruised basil in glass
Stir together

Did I mention how beautiful this drink is?

Happy Fall!

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