Recipe: Easy Salmon Tartare

Recently, I came into some possession of salmon belly trim (trim is usually pretty awesome and cheap ya know), and I hate wasted food. I decided to make something real quick, easy, and perfect for the (finally) warming weather. The diced trim was just mixed with whatever I had on hand at home- just simply dressed with some mustard, oil,capers, and fresh herbs. Since the fish is kept raw, it’s important to use very fresh fish. Also, tartare just sounds inherently fancy, so if you’re cooking for more than one- or even just one, as I made this for myself and still felt pretty fancy- it’s sure to impress.

Yields about a cup, which is a perfect size for a few as an app or a decent sized snack if you’re me (the aforementioned “just one”).

Salmon belly trim, very fresh, about 1/2 lb, trimmed of skin, pin bones picked, and diced into small pieces [$5]
Note: try and keep the salmon cold as you’re cutting, it makes it easier to cut!
Parsley, about 3 tbsp, rough chop
Lemon zest, 1 tbsp
Stone ground mustard 1 tbsp
Handful or so of capers, chopped,
Dill, handful, picked.
Olive oil, salt, pepper to taste.

Mix all ingredients except dill in a bowl to taste. The condiments should be added a little at a time, so the fish isn’t overpowered. Finish with more olive oil and dill. Serve with crackers and enjoy!


Also, Game of Thrones starts tomorrow guys. National sibling day was yesterday. Coincidence?

I think not.

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