Fall Beginnings

I know it’s been forever, and that’s my fault. Working as chef can zap any energy I once had to write, and a summer mending a broken heart can take away enthusiasm to share my culinary experiences. My summer was spent working hard as an intern, exploring New York City’s food scene, and being inspired by food on a whole other level. I have so much to write about in the coming weeks, but for now,mi wanted to re-introduce myself and my mission on this blog. I’m Lana, I’m 26, single, and a cook, married to the job. I am inspired by the seasonality of food, preserving, and recently, pickling. I am looking to enhance my world with food, and I can find inspiration anywhere. I have had the pleasure to work at some of the best restaurants around, and I have a thirst for knowledge about anything food. I am looking forward to sharing my experience this summer on this blog and new dishes I have created. Stay tuned for much more!

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