A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.
William Arthur Ward

I’m not much of a person for social media; it takes me forever to post anything on here, and I use this blog to express my passion.  I guess life can get really busy when you’re out there living it.

A few days ago, however, I started posting on my Instagram like a fiend.  I was posting photos of things that made me smile. Now, I thought I should explain why, because everyone goes through ups and downs in their lives and I am no different.

I recently left a few very challenging relationships in my life, including my job and personal relationships alike.  I had found myself in a place where I wasn’t answering my true calling in my heart, and was suffering myself and making those around me suffer as well. Being honest with myself was as fruitful as it was difficult; I have found a way to change my life and put it on a path where I feel like I will be happier.  But at a cost.

Losing close relationships with people I love, and accepting and understanding that not every person I meet is meant to stay is one of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn in life– a lesson I am sure I will revisit– has been the hardest part of the transition.

My friends tell me that time heals all wounds, but a broken heart somehow always stays with you in some way– almost like a phantom limb.

But that is why I cook.  I love the tranquility that the actions give my mind, I love the inspiration I can achieve, and the endless learning of the art.  I also cook because cooking is love, and love is a beautiful thing; its selfless; you cook and give your heart on a plate, and sometimes don’t even know if the person you gave it to enjoys it, but you love it all the same. It’s uncompromising.

So, back to Instagram.  In the depths of my sadness, my insecurity on starting a new chapter in my life after leaving something comfortable, my despair over a close relationship having falling out, and my anguish of doubt, I decided I would do something about it.  I wanted a reminder of why I knew, even in my lowest moment, that I still had hope for myself and my future. I wanted to smile.

So I reminded myself of things that made me smile.  Photos I can always come back to and share with others of happy, uncompromising things.  Cooking. Family. Nature. It’s so easy to come back from sadness for me when I remind myself why I am here.  To give to others, to give love, and that made me smile.

I hope that my photos made people smile, but mostly, I hope that they made people ask themselves what made them smile.  What makes you smile? I hope you smile everyday. I hope that you can laugh, even.  This world can be harsh, but there is always something out there to make most smile– and I hope, in the lowest moments, that it’s remembered.


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