Feeling French?

I’ve been hearing some really cool things from my chef friends about what they’re making at home.  Some are going all out, while others are focusing on classics and comfort food.  Either way, it’s been amazing to watch the talented people I know cook from home.

A good friend of mine, who is a sous chef at a very classy french restaurant, sent me these photos of a favorite of his to make during quarantine. Quiche Lorraine is also a favorite of mine, so I had to pass along the photos he sent me of his classic recipe in a book that looks like it’s been keeping people fed for generations.

Mac daddy of cooking. Just sayin

The best thing about quiche is its really acceptable for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (although I’d imagine anything goes these days). It’s also recommended to freeze some if you’re making a few, and can pop them in the oven to reheat.

If you cant read, here is a link to an online version.


Thanks Casey!


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