Mussels for Lunch


Since everybody is stuck indoors, why not have a nice lunch with the family? One of my favorite things to eat is mussels; they remind me of my mother.  Growing up, I was an only child for the first nine years of my life; so my mother would take me out for girl’s nights, where we saw Broadway shows or movies and always went to our favorite Manhattan restaurant (no longer open, but not in light of recent events; its been closed for at least ten years). Once there, we would always share a bowl of mussels.

Even to this day, when I make mussels for family meal (or put them on the menu for restaurants where I’ve been employed), its always a homage to her.

So what better things to make her for lunch than some mussels? Dad got in on the action as well. We finished a bottle of wine at 3 pm. Everybody wins.

All these are approximate, as there really is no wrong way to make mussels.  Just flavor, wine, and butter are all you really need.

2 lb Mussels, cleaned

2 Cups alliums sliced thin- weather its onion, shallot, leek,  or a combination, just make sure to have plenty. A good portion should always be some garlic.

1 cup aromatics– i like fennel, but I used celery here.  Just some nice anise flavor really brings out the shellfish. I also added some thyme.

Very green, perfect for spring

Sweat alliums, adding aromatics about halfway through.

Once everything is all sweaty and nice, just add about 1/4 to 1/2 bottle white wine, a very large pat of butter, the mussels, and cover.  Wait about 5-8 minutes, until the shells have opened.  This would be a good time to pour yourself whatever is remaining of your wine.

Not like we have to be anywhere at the moment, anyways.

Serve the mussels with anything, have a leisurely moment, and you can at least imagine being outdoors in France somewhere.




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