My Secret Desire


A long time ago, around the time I started writing this blog, I was still living in Boston, finishing up my first college degree, and working at a chic restaurant on Newbury Street. Working at this place was a very special time in my life, as the people I met during this time are still my closest friends to this day, and the experiences we had together as a group are some of my fondest memories.

This restaurant where I worked was incredibly popular, one of those “see and be seen” kind of places.  It was honestly a lot of fun, and I was a waitress at the time, so it was lucrative as well. I spent a good chunk of time over three years at that place.

And eating the food.  Working doubles means having family meals in the back, and family meal at this restaurant meant ordering something off the menu. Not too bad.

One of my favorite things that I used to eat there was the curried chicken salad sandwich. It was crazy good, and had such a specific flavor that is hard to forget.  I used to take it home after a morning shift and inhale it in the privacy of my own home, where no one would judge me.

So, during this quarantined time, I found myself with some rotisserie chicken leftovers and my mom asking me if I knew of anything to do with it. This came instantly to mind, and once it did I started to crave it. Heavily.

So I made my own version. And it was good. I took one bite and was instantly seven years younger, enjoying this sandwich in the back alley way with my coworkers, during a much simpler time.

For the curry mayo:

1 C Mayo, homemade or otherwise

1T Curry powder

Lime juice and salt to taste.

Mix all ingredients. Add to:

3 C Chicken meat, leftover from rotisserie is good or roasted and cooled and pulled.

1 C Grapes, cut in half

2T cilantro, chopped

1/4 C Almonds, sliced and roasted


Mix all ingredients together well; season to taste. Can be eaten just as a salad, or put between bread.  I highly recommend pressing said sandwich; but it might be nostalgia for me, as the original was pressed. But they were on to something; the crispy bread with the creamy chicken salad is a really nice experience.






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