I’m Lana Lagomarsini. I’m 30, I live in New York City, and I’m a recent graduate of Northeastern University and the Culinary Institute of America.  I’ve lived the dream working as a chef at two of Boston’s best restaurants, and now I’m working my way through NYC’s best restaurants. Originally from NYC, I’ve always loved more than ome with chickenne culture, and growing up food was a constant. As an adult, traveling, food and writing are passions, and I love that I can use writing to share my recipes and travels with others. I’m inspired by the farm to table movement, using seasonal ingredients, and keeping flavor the most important factor of food. I am looking to start my own little garden to tend and learn more about growing new and interesting foods.

I’m frugal to the core, but I never believe in sacrificing luxury. I feel that everyone should see the world, explore new places, and taste new cultures. This blog is meant to chronicle my life and to inspire others to live with as much passion as I do.

Header photo credit: Myself! Shot in my apartment in NYC.

Contact me at lanalagomarsini@gmail.com



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  1. Great recipes on your blog. I studied abroad in Madrid… Love Spanish food + life. Way to go with the journalism major, too! 🙂

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