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                                                              You could have all this, making your dinner

I’ve been writing about food for many years, but that is just the beginning of my story.

I have been working as a chef for years in various NYC fine–dining establishments, and now its time to work on my own dreams.

This unprecedented time in the world has given me the opportunity to pivot, and I am now offering private chef services. At first I was nervous about this new venture, but now I am excited. I have been fortunate enough to share my cooking with others, and I have found a different path towards the same dream I’ve always had.

I offer:

Weekly meal prep services (NYC and Westchester Counties only)

Have me come into your home and cook you six meals for the week, leaving them in your fridge, along with reheating instructions. Any diet and dietary can be accommodated, and menus are made for each clients preferences and tastes.

Meal Prep
Imagine…coming home to this

Dinner Parties- NYC/ Hamptons/ Westchester

*special locations subject to discussion

Dinner Parties ranging from 2 to 16 people. Plated or family–style dinners, with menus that are unique to each client.

Some examples of some tasty dinner party work:

Retreat Work

I have had experience working for retreats; have a chef with you on your special vacation and space to create a menu of your dreams while you relax and take care of yourself. Wellness is highly valued, and menus can be created to fit any dietary, lifestyle, or desire.

Here’s some snaps of when I take my show on the road:

Check out my work experience and email me here!

Food is this incredible thing that connects all types of people for all sorts of reasons, and I love to be a part of it. I’m so blessed to be where I am, and so excited to share this exciting next step. To the next journey-