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Cheap Eats: @Union



Who doesn’t love brunch? No one, that’s who. I personally love breakfast foods without having to wake up at breakfast times (read: before noon). That’s why I’m happy to live in a college town; I’m not alone in these beliefs. I’m also not alone in being frugal (read: broke), and when I heard about @Union, a great spot for breakfast foods that won’t break the bank, I was sold.
So The Russian and I rolled in around 1:30 and I was instantly giddy that they offer Earl Grey lattes. I love those (I’m not a big coffee drinker, which is probably why I sleep til noon).

The menu @Union (at @Union?) is extensive. They offer so many options, I obviously have to go back and try more. For the time, however, I couldn’t decide, so I ordered the country Benedict, which is a Benedict with sausage patties, The Russian ordered the lobster Benedict, and we got some chocolate chip pancakes and bacon to share. It was a full table.

So how was the food? It was glorious. I loved the country Benedict, how have I not seen this on more menus? It was genius and delicious and simple and so filling, I needed to be rolled home. It would be so embarrassing how much (and how fast) I ate if I wasn’t so shameless. Worth it.

The Russian’s dish was equally as amazing. The lobster was delicate, the hollandaise rich, and the spinach was a nice touch.

Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. We barely finished our food, took some pancakes home to snack on later, and when it was all said and done, the bill was $35. Impossible you say?
Go try this place for yourself.
174 Harvard ave, Allston


Cheap Eats: Refuge Cafe


So last week, my mommy came to visit.  It was awesome.  She’s a lot of fun to hang with, and I’m not just saying that cause I’m her daughter (though it doesn’t hurt).  She’s sassy.

yet sweet

yet sweet

So to do something fun while she was here, I told her we should check out the Hippie Chic exhibit at the MFA.  It was cool, lots of fun fashion and history.  Before we headed to the museum, though, we grabbed a very satisfying breakfast at Refuge Cafe in Allston.  I’ve grabbed a breakfast sandwich here once before, but I’ve never actually checked out the menu.  It had a lot of awesome sandwiches and I got excited.  I got the Allstoned sunrise sandwich.  It was like a bacon egg and cheese but with avocado and Siracha mayo. Awesome.



Mom got a turkey club on a pretzel bun.  Super tasty, especially cause pretzel buns seem to be making a comeback of sorts, popping up on menus here and there. I’m excited about it, cause pretzels are awesome. So was this sandwich, which was a classic turkey club with Siracha mayo and a flavorful roasted turkey.



Both sandwiches with drinks only st us back $20.  Now, the spot is kinda hipster mecca, but the sandwiches are so good, it shouldn’t matter.  A perfect fast breakfast spot in the heart of Allston.