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Recipe: Fish Stew



florida13Yesterday I posted one of the recipes I made while down in Florida, Brazillian Fish Stew on Bostinno.  It’s one of my favorite things to make, so click on the photo to check it out!



Tasty Travel: The Landing at 7 Central



Being inspired by my upcoming travels, I wanted to share a great place I found that’s not to far away from Boston, so those who cannot fly anywhere can at least have a mini–getaway.

So a few weeks ago The Russian and I took the commuter rail (gotta stay frugal) to Singing Beach in Manchester–by–the–Sea. Only took about an hour to get there and round trip only cost about $17 per person.

this is the view when you get off the train.  A good sign.

this is the view when you get off the train. A good sign.

The beach is a short walk away down the same road.  Fun Fact: It’s called singing beach cause the white sand makes a squeaking noise when walked on.

and it's gorgeous

and it’s gorgeous.

It was a good decision to go to this beach.  During the summer, they charge about $5 a person to walk on the beach.  Totally affordable.  It was a good day.

These guys had such a good time they didn't want to move when the tide came in. Right on.

These guys had such a good time they didn’t want to move when the tide came in. Right on.

After a wonderful day of tanning (or in The Russian’s case, burning), we decided to grab a bite, and I was feeling seafood (wonder why).  That’s when we stumbled upon The Landing at 7 Central.  It looked fancy (read: pricy) but it was actually quite affordable, and the view off the back deck couldn’t be beat.

Just look at that view

Just look at that view

The Russian and I sat back with a couple of beers and enjoyed a lobster roll and some fried clams.  The Lobster roll was buttery and full of knuckle and tail meat with creamy mayo to keep it all together. It was only $16 with fries and a small salad.


The clam plate was also incredible, whole bellied clams with seasoned fries and slaw.  The clams were crunchy yet still burst with the sea when you bit in.  Pure heaven, and still only $19.

salty heaven

salty heaven

So if you ever find you have a day off and it’s actually nice out in Boston for more than five seconds, take a day trip to the beach, and definitely try this place if you do.  It’s always nice to get out of the city for a little and have a really New England–y day.




Frugal Foodie in Jamaica!


Reggae beach

Very soon I will be that person on the beach. With a cool hat.

On Monday morning me and The Russian are off to Jamaica! I am very excited to get out of the cold and into the sun for a week, and of course I got a great deal on the trip! I went to Cheapcarribean.com (my new favorite website for vacations) and got a package that included an all-inclusive hotel, airfare, and airport transfers (not to mention a spa credit…). I even bought a new hat for the occasion.



I highly recommend the site for anyone looking to get away for a few days! thay have some incredible deals on all inclusive hotels all throughout the Caribbean.

ANYWAYS, the next few posts will be all about Jamaica! The food, the hotel, the water, the beach… stay tuned!



Photo (beach)courtesy Wikimedia Commons, Chad Richardson (cc)

(hat) courtesy QVC