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Cheap Eats: The Hop, Beacon, New York



Last weekend, I was lucky enough to get to go home and see my parents for a bit. I didn’t just steal my mom’s recipe from her, I also went out into the town as well. I’d been meaning to try The Hop for a bit, since I’ve only heard good things from friends that live in Beacon. Let me tell you, it was awesome. I’m really proud of Beacon for having awesome little spots like this. First off, it’s got some rustic and awesome decor (see photo above), and a tremendous selection of craft beers.

They also have a crazy amount of cool jams, jellies, and specialty condiments just ready for purchase.

It was a budding chef’s (like myself) paradise.
Did I mention they also have a menu? I should have started with that. I’m still thinking about the food. No, seriously.
The Russian and I started off with some brews, a raspberry cider for him and the Allagash Interlude for me. I loved my beer, and the fact that it was light and hoppy and somehow 10% alcohol. Definitely packed a healthy punch (the sneaky kind). I was okay with it, though. It was really great beer.

We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the food though. It was marvelous.
The Russian and I had the olives and almonds, which were marinated in rosemary and olive oil. They were crunchy and well seasoned and a lovely compliment to the beer.


Then they had these soft pretzels with homemade mustard and I could have cried. Pretzels are my favorite. Especially the big soft ones. The mustard was awesome, but it had a huge kick so using only a little was necessary.

The crowning jewel was the chicken liver pâté. Dear god there was so much flavor. There was a homemade cherry (I believe, don’t quote me just know it was delicious) jam and a vinaigrette with homemade toast points. There was also a huge hunk of cheese. I was in love. There was a layer of fat on the bottom that tasted just like Sunday roast chicken. I was a very happy lady and giddy with excitement.

The whole shebang cost me around $40, making it an affordable lunch for two.
The Hop was an incredible experience and a surprising experience to be found in Beacon, it makes me happy to come home and find so many delicious options springing up where my parents live. Also sad they don’t have something like this in Boston, that I’ve found at least. I cannot wait to come home and try more of The Hop’s menu offerings.


Trying Something New


I don’t usually go out. I’m not anti–social or anything, I just like hanging out at home and eating and drinking with a few friends. You’d be hard pressed, however, to find me out at a bar on a typical Friday (or any day). I’m just that lazy.  When I checked my Twitter last week, though, I was invited to an event to try the new Mocha Chocolate Stout by Peak Organic, a New England brewery with a dedication to using fresh ingredients and bringing the hop–growing business over to the East Coast. How could I refuse when they used this video?

Their new beer uses chocolate from Taza, which I mostly knew as those chocolates they have at the register at Starbucks, so you know they’re fancy.  Turns out, they’re located in Somerville, and if this beer is any indicator, and you like chocolate, I’d try it. I really like small–batch brews, but I don’t normally like chocolate stouts.  This is one of the best, if not the best, I’ve tried so far.  It wasn’t bitter, but smooth, and actually tasted like chocolate.  Very seasonal.


I also tried the Hop Blanc, which was a more wheat–y beer with a slightly hoppy flavor.  I met one of the gals from Peak, and she put some fresh hops in my beer to open up the flavor.

Pictured here

Pictured here (both the rep and the hops and myself)

I wish that happened more often. It was lovely. The beer was floral and sweet and easy to drink.

It even looked fancier.

It even looked fancier.

I guess I should go out and get a beer more often.



You can’t always get what you want


Sorry for the delay in posts, it’s been a busy week with work and all.  Life happens.

Last week, The Russian and I went to Bacon and Beer Fest art show hosted by Eat Boston.  I was super excited as The Russian and I both love bacon and beer, but, for the first time, we were disappointed.

Firstly, the space was packed.

took us 20 min just to get a drink

took us 20 min just to get a drink

We were given a drink ticket good for one Bloody Mary made with bacon vodka, but as one party goer said, he couldn’t taste the bacon.  Also there was no beer un less it was bought, and no beer-flavored food.

Speaking of food, the entire time we were there we only saw two plates of food.  Bacon–wrapped asparagus and bacon–wrapped scallops.  Both were good, but there was not enough food or everyone and The Russian and I had to share a scallop.

baconandbeer5 baconandbeer4

The artwork, however, was super awesome.


Notice the portrait of Tyrion. Awesome.

Notice the portrait of Tyrion. Awesome.

I’ve been to other Eat events and just loved them, so I’ll chalk this time up to a fluke. The next event I’m attending is tomorrow, the Boston Bites Back event, and I couldn’t be more excited.  The event has been hyped so much, it’s sure to deliver. More to come on that very soon!