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Cheap Eats: Fried Scallop Sandwich @ Bento


It’s a lazy Friday kinda day, at least for me, and I’ve needed one. I’ve been working myself crazy in the kitchen, and loving every second (not the same can be said for my feet, however). On my days off, I get a little lazy, because I’m pretty active on the days I work. Sometimes I don’t even set foot in my kitchen except to get chips (and maybe the wine opener). So what’s to eat? Well, The Russian and I moved recently, not too far from our old place but closer to a different set of stores and little eateries, and with new restaurants brings more opportunity to try more of what this city has to offer. I’ve found some of the best food in very unlikely places. Take Bento, this adorable little Asian fusion place down the street from my new place, and take their fried scallop sandwich, which isn’t adorable at all. It’s serious, and its seriously large and filling.

It’s fresh scallops battered and fried, which may not be great for the arteries but this isn’t a health blog, with wasabi mayo and seaweed strips. Serious.
It was so simple and the bread was the perfect amount of crispy and chewy, I pretty much inhaled it. It’s under 9 bucks, so I seriously recommend this to anyone just walking by and in need of a filling but light seafood lunch.

160 Chestnut Hill Ave, Brighton
617 782 5800


Recipe: Steak Sandwich


As I mentioned, The Russian and I went on a hike last weekend.  The night before, my job had some leftover steak and I wanted to make a snack for the walk.  What better way to use leftovers than in sandwiches?!? There’s no other way. I think this sandwich recipe is great for any leftover steak, be it leftover pot roast or steak strips.

They were delicious.


Leftover steak

Arugula [$3]

Whole grain mustard [$3]

Brie spread [$4]

Baguette or other crusty bread [$2]


Cut bread in half.  Spread brie on one half and the mustard on another.  Layer steak slices and arugula and serve with chips, if desired.

Recipe: BBQ Chicken Sandwich with Cilantro Slaw


IMG_2456Sometimes you just need a messy sandwich for dinner, and I love those kind of nights.  I love fancy foods and interesting techniques, but I proudly admit that I also love a great sandwich (or burger!) and a beer. I’m sure my arteries won’t be thanking me, but a life without a messy sandwich is no life at all.

This sandwich is super easy to make and more fun to eat, so try it ASAP. I adapted this recipe from the Pioneer Woman, but with a few steps shortened to make it easier on time and my wallet.  Trust me, the flavors are incredible regardless of how they get into the meat.


Bulkie rolls [$3]

1 rotisserie chicken [$7]

1 head garlic [.50 cents]

1 medium onion [$1]

1 large bottle of  bbq sauce, any kind [$2]

cilantro [$1.50]

1 medium head red cabbage [$2]

milk, mayo, and white vinegar, which I had on hand and is in many a pantry.



Take the meat off the bones of the chicken and shred with your hands into a large pot with a splash of veg oil, some sliced onion, some whole cloves of garlic and the bottle of BBQ sauce.  I like to run about half a bottle of hot water in the bottle and shake it up and add it to the chicken.  Cook over low heat for about an hour or until the chicken is at one with the sauce, creamy and shredded and sweet.

The garlic cloves become buttery, make sure your sandwich gets at least one.

The garlic cloves become buttery, make sure your sandwich gets at least one.

While the chicken is cooking, make the slaw: mix equal parts milk and mayo with a splash of vinegar, salt, pepper, and cayenne to taste.  Mix with shredded red cabbage and rough chopped cilantro until the mixture is just the best slaw ever.  When the chicken is done, add to the bun with the slaw and a side of fries, is desired.

A beer is necessary.

A beer is necessary.

I’ve made this sandwich a few times, and it’s a hit every single time.  You can’t go wrong with this one.


Cheap Eats: Hummus Sandwich @ Cafenation


IMG_2448I love a good sandwich, guys.  Who doesn’t? Honestly, how could you not? Delicious fillings between bread with the perfect spread (look at me rhyme) is always a good idea for lunch, and I’ve found another one worth talking about.

On days I go to yoga I like to come home and eat something healthy, otherwise I’ll feel like it was all for nothing  (why do yoga if I’m just gonna shove down a meatball sub after?).  I like to have a yummy veggie sandwich (easier said than done, folks), and my favorite right now is the Hummus Avocado sandwich at Cafenation, a great coffee shop near my home in Brighton. They have a whole mess of sandwiches, and a green tea latte that is literally in my dreams if I don’t have it often enough, but I just love their vegetarian one. Juicy tomatoes, lettuce, onion, cucumber, avocado and hummus spreads, and cilantro all come together on foccacia (my favorite option,but there are others like wheat and ciabatta) bread into a creamy and crunchy lunch.


I haven’t even mentioned one of my favorite parts: The sandwich comes with a side salad and some of their homemade dressing.  This stuff is incredible.  What do they put in it? I know there’s honey and balsamic but I have not been able to replicate it.  I’m hopelessly in love with this dressing.


Hello, lover

This sandwich is only $9, meaning this kind of love won’t break the bank.  Why not try it and feel (somewhat) healthy once in a while? It’s the kind of healthy that is also filling and also delicious, so there really is no downside here.


380 Washington Street



Cheap Eats: The Beet Down Sandwich


It’s been a hectic few days, guys.  I hate moving, and I’m going to have to do it twice this month (woe is me).  I just left my apartment in Fenway for a new place for the month of August in glorious Allston.  Good for me, as there are so many new restaurants in my area to try and a 24–hour supermarket right next door that puts the one near my old place to shame. The only downside is I will miss Tasty Burger, I was pretty obsessed with it.

Bye, Bye, midnight burger trips

With all the moving going on, there hasn’t been much time to cook, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been much time to eat.  There’s always time. A good friend of mine turned me onto The Beetdown sandwich at Pavement Coffee House, and, while it’s no burger, it’s refreshing and delicious and makes me feel healthy without being boring.


Roasted turkey, shredded beets in balsamic, goat cheese, sliced green apples, and arugula all sing on toasted wheat bread.  This sandwich is addicting, a revelation in sandwiches.  It’s filling without being overbearing, and has a bunch of different textures. It’s just awesome. It’s also under $10. So whether you’re moving or just looking for something for lunch one day, I’d swing by and try the sandwich.  Pavement also has great tea (I’m not a huge fan of their coffee, but that’s no surprise as I don’t enjoy coffee anyways), so try that. All three locations are in the Back Bay area, while my favorite is on Newbury. If you see me there in the morning, don’t be afraid to say hi!


Tasty Burger photo (cc): Google +

Cheap Eats: Prosciutto sandwich @ Trident


I don’t know about you, but I love a good sandwich.  A sandwich that has interesting flavors and textures, and that is made with fresh ingredients.  I found a new favorite sandwich last week, and I couldn’t be more jazzed about it.

The melted Brie and Prosciutto sandwich at Trident. Creamy melted Brie, salty Prosciutto, and sweet fig jam and mescalin greens all together on a soft baguette. Hello lover.

"Hey baby"–sandwich

“Hey baby”–sandwich

The sandwich comes with chips and a pickle for the very manageable price of $12.  Trident is a cool place to hang out, as it is also a book store with interesting and incredible reads.  That all pales in comparison to the sandwich.



The only complaint I would have is the service.  It’s usually pretty awful.  As a waitress, I can tell the staff there doesn’t really care about me or my obsession with the sandwich.  I’ll just get it to go, then I can enjoy it in the privacy of my own home (it’s a private experience anyways). Either way, the sandwich is a piece of art and should be tried any way you can.



Cheap Eats: Earl of Sandwich


On days that are bright and sunny (like today, although I am sitting at home watching The Matrix), I like to meet The Russian near his job downtown and have lunch in the commons.

Boston Common

Who wouldn’t want to spend more time around here? Especially if the time is spent eating.

Since we’re both adventurous folk , we like to try new places to eat.  Yesterday was Earl of Sandwich, which has a cute spot right in the center of The Boston Common. Since they claim to have “The world’s best hot sandwich,”  I was interested.  You know what? It wasn’t bad at all. It was quite delicious and a perfect lunch bite.

First off, the sandwich looks like a brick of gold.  Keeping it classy, I see.


“I’m rich with flavor”– the sandwich

The Russian got the club sandwich, which was indeed hot and delicious.


I got the Cobb salad, as I wasn’t feeling like a heavy lunch.  It was very tasty, and the cranberries were a smart touch.  Also, the ranch dressing was awesome (I kinda judge places on their quality of ranch dressing).  So that was a good decision.


The whole meal only set us back $19, and we both got drinks and a bag of chips (so much for my light meal). Good looks.


Earl of Sandwich

1 B Charles Street
Boston, MA 02114


Boston Common photo: By Leslie Williams (My own photograph) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons