Check out my new channel on BostInno!

I have only been blogging for six months now, but I have some awesome luck.  A few weeks ago I was asked to start my own member channel at BostInno, an awesome site that says it’s ‘The next generation of news,” and I agree.  They really are trying to find the newest and freshest information coming out of the city and bring it to users.  For reasons I still don’t understand, they think I’m cool (little do they know) and asked me to share some recipes on the site weekly.

So I wrote my first post yesterday, an oldie but a goodie from a few months ago, to test the waters. Social media will go up tomorrow about the post, but it is live today if you want to check it out. I would rummage around the site, they have awesome bloggers providing really cool content on a multitude of topics (especially cooking!).



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