A Snowed-in treat

Blizzard Nemo has hit Boston, and hard.  There is nothing to do but sit around and watch American Horror Story with The Russian and watch the snow fall.

That's like two feet of snow, covering my patio and my tulips
That’s like two feet of snow, covering what used to be my patio and my tulips

Cold weather is the perfect time to make my favorite warm drink, peppermint cocoa (it’s alcoholic, of course).

You start with hot chocolate, any kind that really works for you.   You can get it for about four bucks anywhere.

The richer the better
The richer the better

side note: a wierd fact about me: I don’t like chocolate.  At least, not milk chocolate bars.  I only like dark chocolate and only in small portions.  That’s why I like the rich chocolate Swiss Miss. It’s as close to that dark chocolate taste I like and it really works with the peppermint flavored schnapps.

Make the hot chocolate according to the package directions.


Then add the schnapps. You can get a bottle for about $6-$8 at most liquor stores and it will last you forever.


then drink and let the relaxation melt over you.


The only thing that is missing is the fireplace.  My favorite treat for a snowy winter day. Enjoy!


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