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Hey all,

So sorry for the radio darkness recently. It has been an incredibly busy weekend and I am just sorting out all of my thoughts. I haven’t forgotten about my Game of Thrones post, which will be later today! Get excited.  In the meantime, I also have a class assignment to do, so put on your thinking caps for a moment (Hope that didn’t sound too much like a kindergarten teacher).

Data visualization, or those fun interactive boxes that are an addition to articles we read online (which is probably most articles, but I’m hoping some people out there are still reading the physical paper).  They’re a great way to provide understanding of data through a different format, especially data that can become convoluted (like voting statistics or campaign contribution) in an easier–to–understand way. For me, any form of media that makes people read more media is a good thing.  I do go to college for journalism, after all (at least for the next month! Then I’m on my own). News Photo 090522-N-8395K-002
Hope I’m this excited with I graduate
Anywhoo, Data Visualization.  Here are some awesome examples of it here, in an infographic on Game of Thrones, an example of one explaining the many cuts of beef here, and a great one on kitchen knives and cutting food here. What I like about these are how easily they explain important information (well, important to me and any foodie) and use a ton of pictures.  I don’t have much critisim for them, as they really give out a lot of information that is necessary for a well–functioning kitchen.  I would even make these posters to hang in my beautiful spacious kitchen one day (it will be a beautiful kitchen, with rustic fixtures and exposed brick and an breakfast nook).  Either way, the sites I sourced for the charts, and Chart Porn, are great sites for checking out more examples.  Careful, they’re kinda addicting if you like that sorta thing (those who get lost on Wikipedia for hours, beware.  You will also enjoy this). Enjoy!


Graduation photo via Wikimedia Commons

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