Shark Week Recipe: Beached Shark Parfaits

Hey all and happy Shark Week! I’m very excited about coming up with new and exciting recipes to celebrate all things shark.  I liked the idea of a parfait, so I made this simple way to celebrate our finned friends last night.  I present to you, shark week parfaits:


Another easy fun thing to make to celebrate Shark Week with friends!


1 package blue Jell–o [$1.50]

1 can whipped cream [$3]

1 box graham crackers [$2.75]

1 bag shark gummies [ about $1]


Make Jell–o according to package directions. This can take about 4 hours to freeze, so make sure to plan ahead.  Once Jell–o is set, cut into squares. Crush graham crackers into bottom of long glass to make “sand,” then top with the Jell–o for the water. Top with whipped cream for the sea foam, then begin to layer again until you have reached the top of the glass (usually 2 layers should do it). Add a shark gummy for garnish and dig in!



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