Paint + Food + Booze = One Fun Night

IMG_2122Last week, The Russian and I were invited (by way of my awesome job) to check out The Paint Bar, a neat concept on Newbury Street down the street from my place of work.  Painting with booze and food? Awesome.

I love painting.
I love painting.

It was totally sweet. The food was really satisfying, with tasty salads and pizzas, which were provided by Newbury Street vendors.


so tasty.
so tasty.

After we were fully fed and happy, we settled into our seats with some booze and were led on a guided painting class. The guide, a spunky gal named Jackie, who is a local artist and part–owner, taught the class how to make masterpieces using easy instructions and a fun playlist. She certainty made me feel like an artist, and I’m not being modest when I say my talents are better suited for the internet than the easel.

Jackie is actually a good artist though
Jackie is actually a good artist though

The point was to make this:


And I made this:


I took some artistic liberty of course, but I think it turned out okay. The Russian, being his own man who went to art school and such, made his own piece:

IMG_2141I liked his piece as well.  So the best part about all of this experience? It too can be yours. You get an memorable night and get to walk with something to put on your wall. Sounds good. For about $35, you too can have a paint night with your friends or special someone, and the location also has booze for pretty cheap, so load up and have yourself a night.

The Paint Bar
248 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116


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